Tuesday, January 17, 2012


What do you go for:

a safe OK


a potential awsome / failure and hardship that will follow


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neil said...

Potential awesome every time, otherwise what's the point? :)

Marcin W. Dąbrowski said...

I'm still too stupid to go out of my comfort zone, but I'm spinning larger and larger circles, and sometimes I drop from the «safe» plateau — last time it happened on Sunday. Any ideas for efficient fuel powering ones velocity to reach over the safe plateau orbiting zone appreciated. :)

M said...

no risk - no fun

agaaa said...

Never Try Never Know!
but honestly never settle for mediocracy! Even if its a Big Failure it is good! It keeps you going and make life more interesting!

Vince said...

Sometimes a safe OK is what let us feel good. At least this is what I can say due my small experience but I may be wrong.
Let's keep a low profile. For example, I love, adore pasta. I could say pasta is one of the pilards in my life. And also a safe OK when it's time to cook something. So, in this case I would pick a safe OK.
if I would have never tried any potential awesome / failure and hardship that will follow in the kitchen, I would not have probably never appreciated pasta.
So, in my opinion the two options should be divided by an "AND" instead of an "OR".

My two cent.

Jim said...

Both, depending on the circumstances. If I feel I don't have too much to lose, I'll make the radical jump. But if I need some change, yet the stakes would really be too high, then my move will be more cautious. 'Horses for courses', as we say in inglés.

I also think that as one gets older, one often becomes more conservative, less willing to take more risks - one has a family, debts to pay off, etc., as well as natural caution based on physically slowing down.

But better to regret what you did rather than what you didn't, You are young, able, energetic, free of serious bonds and obligations - go for it! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll add a bit of so-called feminine element: intuition. Both decisions have to be based on what you feel that you need in proper moment of your life, that would let you to breathe deeply and see happiness when you look in the mirror.

And as already said before - better to regret doing than not doing. One remark though - think over whether you already have done something like that and how did you feel about it. Treat it as one of the tips that may help you taking a decision:)


Anonymous said...

You have already chosen to take the risk. You just don't know it yet.