Friday, May 25, 2012

The paradox of time vs. things

Why is it that I took 2 pairs of shoes for a 2 month long trip through Iceland, France and Spain, and am taking 3 for a 2 day trip to Gorzów Wielkopolski (a town in Poland)?

How come I have more changes of clothes for this weekend than I had for those 8 weeks? @_@

Oh, 'cause I'll be sweating my cute butt off during all the Zumba activities in the coming 36 hours, that's why.

*     *     *     *     *

Am about to leave my place and go to my parents' place, as I'm getting picked up at midnight from a McDonald's parking lot 2 mins away from their flat. Then the estimated 7 hours in the car to arrive in Gorzów early in the morning, get breakfast and start a Zumba Gold training at around 8:30am. Get trained till 5pm or so and then immediately participate in a 3 hour long Zumba marathon, which I'll be kind of co-hosting for a song ("Sexy Movimiento" - very fitting, if you ask me). Apparently, there'll be an after party in the evening but I very much doubt I'll have and strenght left in me to continue the party in some club.

Originally, I was supposed to take another training on Sunday (Zumba Aqua beginning at 7:30am...) but have decided against it two days ago. The truth is, I registered for it only because it was the only training of this type in the following year, so I wanted to be one of the few instructors in Warsaw certified to give the class. I paid the 250$ it cost and felt pretty good about myself. Yet I started thinking - I neither really want to work at a pool, nor do I need another title. Too bad I realised it 4 days before the training, because now I had to block the money on my account and have two options: 1. ask for a refund and pay a fee of 75$ or 2. move the money to a different training and pay the fee of 15$. There's a Zumbatomic (for kids) training coming up in July and I know there's a big demand for such a kind of classes but when I started thinking about it, I'm not really sure I wanna be teaching kids. So there's no point getting a certificate for the certificate's sake.

Also, was planning to mostly try living off Zumba in the following months but I can already see that, although a lot of fun and quite gratifying when I see how much women like my classes, it's not enough. I need and miss intelectual stimulation. Having said that, I want to spruce up my CV and, well, for the first time in my life, look for a job. My attitude towards certain things has been changing so much lately, it's all been one big rollercoaster. However, I think a longer straight road's ahead, regardless of whichever this issue gets resolved in the end.  
Ideally, I'd love to be doing something part-time, so I could still have a decent amount of Zumba classes and be making my way up in the community, building a name for myself among Zumba lovers and hopefully be going places. But now I desperately need some challenges outside of the danceroom, so I'll take an interesting full time position without a blink.

Anybody knows an employer who could benefit from a flexible, ambitious,  eager to learn, well-travelled employee with great people skills, more or less fluent in 4 languages? Shoot me an email!

*     *     *     *     *

Food for the road and tomorrow's lunch is ready (couscous with raisins, cranberries, almonds and honey with milk/ rice pasta with avocado, surimi, fried sprouts and seeds+sesame), the huge 5l water bottle as well. All shoes ready and set to go.
Enough of the blabber, time to hit the road!

2 komentarze:

Jim said...

Just out of interest, when you write '250$' in this endearingly Latin-American style, do you actually mean 250 US-style dollars? or is this a more interesting way of writing 'zloty'? ;) USD$250 seems like a heckuva lot to pay for an instructor qualification, which as I recall didn't take you six months or more to complete...

Magu Bee said...

I wish I were using $ to talk about zł. It's 250$ for a 6hour training, during most of which you don't do all that much... The first one, Zumba Basic cost me 405$.

Yes, USD.