Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My head's gone wild

It tilts so much it's not even funny...!


And a friend's told me that apparently I'm catching on the Indian English accent.

Now how entertaining is that? :D

Otherwise, I'm quite busy at work. Am also considering starting a career in black envelope manufacturing.. ;)
Oh, and can't wait to reach Goa, which I'm about to this Saturday at 6 a.m.
Will finally stop being the whitest white in M-city!

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gaurav said...

gaurav said...This generally happens, but once you are use to it you are going to enjoy this feeling.
All the best for goa trip and i know you are going to remember goa as one of ur memories.

PS: Don't forget to drink fenny it's speciality of Goa

Magu said...

The thing is, I enjoy it already :) But it's terrifying! I tilt more than Indians do!
And even when I'm alone... lol

Thanks! I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Thanks for the fenny tip. Anything else? :)

gaurav said...

You are always welcome.
one more thing, are you using someone's couch if not then there is a website which gives some offers on resorts and all you can check out that say offers are nearly 50% or so off.

PS: Always love to make backpackers get the best.

Magu said...

Thanks for the tip but luckily I have hosts :)