Monday, May 30, 2011

A full plate

People have been asking me what it is exactly that I do now.

To answer their question - I'll be managing a project which has to do with business Internet presence and creating a professional's image online. Why the future tense? The website & our services are scheduled to kick off in two days, so there hasn't been that much managing to speak of. However, there has been a lot of learning, meeting, reading, writing and translating in the last 3 weeks. Hopefully, as stated in my previous note, I'll be able to better work around organizing my working hours soon, because I have a couple of other things lined up (from the simplest ones like having time to meet with friends and go to the gym, to working on my project and learning the skills I need to have in order for it to succeed).

.         .         .          .            .

The biggest Polish chocolate brand (well, the company is Japanese now) is celebrating their 160th anniversary and they decided to get some publicity by looking for their brand's Ambassador (they call the job "Wedel's Ambassador of Pleasure"). Job description? Travel big style to some of the greatest destinations in the world, bring people pleasure in the form of Wedel chocolate, write and blog about it and earn about 2250€ per month (it's a 3month deal). Obviously the moment I saw it, I asked my screen "So where do I sign up?".

The first stage of their recruitment process is posting your video CV/cover letter on youtube. The contest has been on for a long time now but of course, being the ignorant that I am and not watching TV, I've found out about it only last week. There was no time to do anything before yesterday. I did write a script in the morning, shoot some scenes with the help of M in the afternoon, but then got defeated by my lack of technology and codec knowledge (hate .mts files!!!). Luckily, another M (this one actually specialises in video editing etc.) has volounteered to help me, all saints bless him. Fingers crossed that we manage to put everything together today or else that would be some high lost opportunity cost for me.

.         .         .          .            . 

At the same time I need to finish my written CV and also come up with a written cover letter and send it out tonight to apply for some journalism internship for an online Asia-oriented study center. They don't pay you zit and for half a year you prepare and conduct interviews for them, as well as report from various Asian festivals around the country. Why not, I figure.

.         .         .          .            . 

Oh, and on Wednesday P and I have a meeting regarding the new project. Yay!

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