Thursday, March 31, 2011


It always, always, takes me by surprise how people react to blondes outside of Central Europe (though I'd imagine they're nothing rare in North America either). 

I've lost count of how many times I've been honked and whistled at, talked to and commented on today. One guy followed me for a couple of minutes only to overtake me, tell me I'm pretty and go back. Creepy much! 
Another couldn't help but notice "Que guapa eres!" a minute after picking up his son from school, and the boy was walking by his side, just to be clear. 

The way Spanish guys look at you is a bit less intrusive than the way Indians do it. Or then again, maybe not really. While I kinda do understand Indians in a way, I've no clue as to why Spaniards act like that. The question running through my head is whether they do the same when it comes to Spanish girls and somehow I highly doubt it..
And you know, being bothered by them so fresh out of India tells you something about the whole thing. I should feel invisible in Europe after those months in Btown, not the other way round! ..

.        .        .        .        .

Was planning on visiting Ronda today, by hitch hiking my way there. Well, that didn't happen.. Was accompanied by S and so felt safe and confident enough to chat drivers up, but no luck. The spots we tried where not good for hh and to be completely honest, I don't think we tried all that much. Was a bit sad as I didn't see a second day I could spare for seeing Ronda before heading up north but couldn't let it spoil my day. Instead, we decided to hike a bit in the mountains surrounding Malaga and it was a good call, let me tell you! 20 minutes and you're out of the city in the middle of green trees, colorful flowers and birds' chirpy songs. It truly felt like spring! We walked around for a while and decided to take a break at the highest spot we could reach. 

It was so chillaxed - the sun above me, green grass under me, the see in front of me, the city at my feet and lots of thoughts running through my head. At one point even the thoughts got tired of all the running and so I was left in peace to enjoy the serenity that surrounded me. I had no choice but to take a nap!
Looking down on Malaga ;)

A girl's gotta eat, so we wrapped up and went back to the city to find some taverna for lunch. We were in the total subrubs and stumbled across an enstabilishment called 'Taberna de Juan y Pepe'. Such a cool place! Only local men of all shapes and ages enjoying their beer/coffee/snacks and making sure we were enjoying our meal. Actually, they gave us almost as much food on the house as much we ordered.. Different types of olives with bread (if only I ate olives! tried all of course, but they're still not my thing), little fried and marinated fish.. I was full and the whole thing turned out really cheap - forgot to mention that we've actually made some money today during our attempt at hh.. :D One guy must have felt bad he couldn't take us anywhere and S's typical backpacker's look must have misled him into thinking we were totally broke, so he called him back and gave him a 5e bill. Man, I laughed so bad! Thus, lunch cost us 2e each. 
Thanks Mr Nice Guy from the gas station!

.        .        .        .        .

*As I was planning on visiting Ronda today, it didn't happen.

*In the beginning I was planning on visiting France, it won't happen.

*Then, I was planning to go to Barcelona via the coast, but I don't think that'll happen (have found a 13e flight Malaga-Barcelona and it would save me a lot of time, meaning I could stay in Andalucia longer and maybe spare some days for hiking in the countryside, which I'd simply love!).

*Was about to tell you what I'm planning for tomorrow, but seeing how things never seem to go according to plan and I want tomorrow to happen the way I've planned ;) it, I won't. 

I guess you'll just have to wait and read!

3 komentarze:

gaurav bansal said...

you would always be noticed outside your boundary as in the same way you keep on looking alien if it land in urs.

PS: One must enjoy this feeling but I do agree at times you need privacy

Magu said...

I'm well beyond enjoying it, really..

Plus, it's a completely different thing to notice someone and to make them feel like a piece of meat :)

Besides, there are many blondes in here! lol

gaurav bansal said...

I haven't been through such position so I take my word back.

Agreed it can be irritating at times.