Saturday, May 19, 2012

A creative Zumba Saturday

The sun is back for the first time in about a week, so everyone is out and celebrating.

I spent this beautiful morning in a room where I was locked up with 6 other people for a 5 hour long product management training. I can't say it was the best or most informative training, as I seemed to know most of what was being said, but still it was nice to do some brain storming for other people's projects and for my own. Although I have to admit it looks as if I have almost all my ends covered and kind of reflected upon already. Strange. I always thought I had no idea about how to run a business or introduce a product but the theory seems to be there. Let's see how well I can actually make it work.

After the training, I set off to a really cool space called 1500m2, where they were holding a designer boutique bazaar type of an event called Love&Trade. A lot of really cool and creative pieces of clothing, bags, purses and accessories. Definitely worth a visit the next time they organize it. Hopefully, by then I will have made back at least a part of the money I've been putting into Zumba trainings and business related stuff, and will be actually in a place where I can consider buying something.

From there, I took a stroll to the Royal Route passing through Foksal street, which in turn was home to some kids and arts related little festival, with children painting all around, some works already put up on fences and buildings etc. So much fun and positive energy to go from one creative space to another! I've been craving my first Soprano ice cream of the season, so paid my dues waiting in the line to get one. 
It was finally time to get back home and as I was approaching the Royal Castle Square, I heard loud singing and saw a lot of people wearing the same red tshits with some white writings on them. I got closer, and sure enough, it was a religious event. They put up a stage just in front of St. Anne's Church and were performing along with some guy screaming "Allelujah" and "Jesus is worth it" from time to time. The good thing about it is definitely the fact that there was a stand distributing, what seemed like, free food - there were lots of homeless people around munching on bread and sausages. Oh, and the folks' tshirts said "Jesus has a plan for your life" and then something else. Cute.

*     *     *     *     *

When it comes to my life - tiring, I'd put it. I've had quite a lot of subs of Zumba classes this week and had to commute a lot. Like a lot lot. For the first time, I'm considering getting myself a Kindle or a similar device. Not only will I be fit from all the Zumba going on, I'll also be well-read! As I'm new on the instructor market and want to make a brand for myself, I'm trying to get out there as much as possible, which means taking subs in all crazy parts of town. Today I've a sub as well, in about an hour, later am thinking about dropping my things back at the flat, repacking (spending the night at my folks' place) and going to catch the last hour of an open-air Zumba marathon, before hitting a club for a Zumba party. I guess you see the key word in my world lately?
The good part is I can eat all I want - I'm almost happy with how the body looks like right now and don't really wanna loose all too much weight, so have been stuffing myself with carbs. Not too healthy but at least I won't get a totally bony bum. It already hurts to sit when the chair's too hard. 
*le sigh*

Also, tomorrow I'll be taking part in a Zumba marathon, in a town outside of Warsaw called Wołomin, but this time as a co-host. I think it should get me a bit stressed out - I'll be leading a public Zumba event after 3 weeks from getting certified and after 2 weeks of actual classes. Somehow, however, not that much freaking out going on over here. Probably because the feed back after my classes has been pretty kick ass so far and I figure my teaching won't get that much worse overnight... Apart from that, I got my first regular dance classes scheduled, I'll be teaching reggaeton in one of Warsaw's salsa schools. Next weekend I'll be away, taking two more trainings in Gorzów Wielkopolski, so I can do Zumba Gold and Zumba Aqua classes. The first week of June I'll be in Prague, the Czech one and not on the other side of the river, joining a big fitness convention with Beto, the creator of the Zumba madness, present as well.

*     *     *     *      *

I was planning on getting a nap before hitting that sub class but seeing how it's 6pm already and it starts at 7pm, I might not make it.
Shower it is then.

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Jim said...

'Tshits' :D Very appropriate.

And don't lose too much weight; whatever the media may say, womanly women are always a hit. <3

Pszczółka Magu said...

Hahaha I didn't catch that mistake. But it really is fitting, isn't it?

Nah, I've been overeating, majorly. Actually should stop, it can't be healthy.