Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Changes coming, yet again.

It seems that another exciting chapter of my life is about to begin.

Can't wait to be able to give more details!

As for the previous post, I haven't made it to the next round. It's sad, but on the same day those doors got shut, life opened a window for me. With a view I cannot and will not complain about.

.     .     .     .     .

By the way, a couple of weeks back I found a contest on fb. The thing was to create a video displaying your passion/life story via the company's aplication. I did so, stating how I couldn't stop dancing wherever I went, and started campaigning it among my friends and their friends. However, I was way behind other competitors, as I found out about it a couple of weeks into the competition. At the beginning I was getting many new votes a day, but then most of people must have gotten fed up with my spamming (can't say I blame them all that much) and so I wasn't gonna make it even to the top 10 (the 1st prize was 15 000zł = 5k$, the next 9 was 1 000zł = 330$). I've already kinda forgotten about it and today I got txt from two friends with a lot of happy faces. I ask them what's happened and they ask me if I'd seen the contest's results.  
Nope, I haven't. - they read my reply.  
You've won $, you placed 2nd. - I read theirs.
How's that possible? - you probably ask yourself, much as I did.
People were cheating. - comes the most natural, yet still surprising answer.
And then I'm really happy, as $ are very much needed at the moment.. ;)

However, there's still a chance not everything will be so peachy - not 100% sure those 330$ will be given to me in cash. Apparently, it states that I shall receive a voucher for such amount. And seeing how I don't drink and the company does in liquor, I wouldn't appreciate vouchers for their products (unlike my friends - some of them are already organising a party and they intend to drink on my account, naive little people ;) ).

They're supposed to write me within 3 days, let's see what happens.

.     .     .     .     .

I hope they'll contact me asap and that once they do, they'll want to give me some $. I need to get to UK soon and somehow haven't been able to find any cheap flights...

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