Monday, January 17, 2011

Rupees: Two hundred fifty only

If one sunny afternoon you start feeling nauseous, get sick and later have pretty high fever for a couple of hours.

If you're a bit irritated and weak.

If the fever comes and goes every second day, stays up at 39 degrees for hours at a time, although you've taken paracetamol.

If you've muscle aches, spine aches and some other aches.

If you're cold despite your fever and wake up in the middle of the night wet with perspiration.

It means you should have bought the freaking mosquito repellent that much earlier!  
'Cause now you're all stressed out thinking you might have malaria.

If you're a lucky son of a gun (or a daughter, in this case :)), it will turn out you've just caught some nasty virus that causes the annoyingly high temperature, which in turn causes all the aches in your body. Nausea? You've been stuffing yourself with food for the last month, what did you expect? And the irritation and small reserves of energy? Oh yeah, you're a bit anemic. 
So stop stressing out and smile at how healthy you are with your virus and a simple lack of haemoglobin!

And all this for rupees: two hundred fifty only*, as you take a blood test in your local laboratory.

And here to show you that I might be anemic, but definitely not anorectic..

... a happy me..
... over some Thai style satay chicken panini...
... and cranberry lemonade at Mocha's.

* One of the mistakes/peculiarities that is very typical to Indian English is putting 'only' at the end of the sentence, which almost never makes any sense and doesn't serve any purpose.
"I'm coming there only"
"He'll give you this later only"
Cute, na? ;)

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