Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not fun any more

Ok, so I have to come clean.

It's been growing in me for some time now but finally it is crystal clear  - travelling for the sake of travelling isn't fun any more. Once I thought I'd want to take off for two or three years and live on the road, make travelling my way of life.
However, I now know it's not what I want and that it wouldn't make me happy. I've come to a point where I need something more - need to be learning , working/interning or adding value in one way or another, over a longer period of time in one place.

It's become very evident to me that at this point of time my driving needs are growth, personal development and contribution. The need of uncertainty is slowly being pushed aside by its counterpart, at least in some areas of life. And so I've decided to stay flexible, keep an open mind and see the opportunities as they come, but no longer hold back from making Warsaw my home. 
I guess I need to learn how to make plans...

4 komentarze:

Jim said...

Funny... after so many years in Poland, I am beginning to think the opposite.

Anyway, good luck; Warsaw could benefit from your talents and abilities. :*

Magu Bee said...

The opposit of what exactly are you referring to?

Of staying in one place? Well, there's a huge difference in our experiences. No wonder you're thinking about moving around a bit after so many years in here :)

Giba said...

What about pictures in Bee mode?
Will you stop also with those? :)

Btw, I guess you need now the world coming to you and not viceversa. But I might be wrong.

Take care Magu!

Magu Bee said...

Giba - not unless I can't fit in the dress any more :)
Actually, I'm even planning on starting a fb fanpage for the Bee, to allow some more interaction with others.

And don't get me wrong - I'm pretty sure I'll be going around but on shorter trips, not planning any "travels" in the nearest future. But then again, my polans don't have a good record of becoming reality, so let's see how things go :)