Saturday, June 2, 2012

Best child's day EVER

You know those days when so much good is happening you can't wrap your head around what's going on? You go from good to great to awsome to I-don't-freaking-believe-it in the course of a couple of hours ,and the world somehow seems different than it did the previous day.

The amount of recognition, possibilities, doors and windows opened today is unlike anything I have ever experienced. When I summarised everything to my parents and concluded by saying that this amount of opportunities doesn't come to people within half a year, my mom said that to some, it doesn't within a lifetime.

I was supposed to have a quiet evening out, was planning to stay in bed and read a book I borrowed from Juan, an interior designer friend, go to bed early and just relax. Instead, I was running around from one class to another and then back home to prepare for a totally random and last minute meeting, which has left my head full of buzzing and swirling thoughts, and so much faith and optimism that I don't see how I'll ever be able to fall asleep.

Wow, just wow. What a day!

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