Friday, June 8, 2012

Polska gola!

My apologies, but this one just had to be in Polish...

Only yesterday did it dawn on me that it was the Euro 2012 eve and that I'd been living kind of on the side, as the whole country, and Warsaw especially, was getting all geared up. I didn't even know the dates of games, apart from the first one of course. How did I manage it, seeing that whatever magazine cover you look at, there's Euro, whatever tv channel you turn on, there' Euro, whichever street you walk, there's someone wearing a national jersey?

Last night they were opening the biggest Fanzone in Poland, from what I've heard even the biggest in Euro's history ever, so crowds and crowds of people were enjoying the concerts from the fanzone stage. Polish flags and national colours everywhere, people singing and proudly getting drunk, which led to a less proudly looking passing out in the fanzone's vicinity. I went there for a while and suddenly I wasn't on the side any more - I was so coming here to see the game!

So today I ran to a shopping mall to get myself a red jersey with our majestic white eagle on the chest and am getting ready to leave the house. Unfortunately, it started raining quite heavily about 15 minutes ago and it doesn't seem it's going to stop any time soon. Luckily, I've still about an hour till I have to leave the house. 

So, to keep it short - POLSKA, BIAŁO CZERWONI! 
Make us proud, boys!

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