Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nothing to prove

Have you ever wondered what constitutes a 'good person'?
Ever thought about the mindset and qualities one needs to be a genuine, generous and helpful human being?

I know a couple of not only good, but actually great, amazing people and sometimes I wonder what gives them the strength and energy to have the attitude they have. Towards life, towards others.

What do you think?

One of the answers that came to me today was that they had nothing to prove to anyone, besides to themselves maybe. Makes sense?

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Laurent said...

Vast subject! Philosophers have been debating about moral and ethics, well, since the beginning of philosophy.

I like to follow two principles: utilitarianism and "pay it forward".

The first principle is the idea that the consequences of your actions matter more than the moral worth of your actions.

The second principle is an act of reciprocity with the twist that you don't expect someone to repay a good deed back to you, but to someone else.

A good book on the subject of living a good life: "Ethics and qualities of life" by Joel Kupperman.

Magu Bee said...

Thanks for that input and the book suggestion Laurent!

Tell me though, what do you think (in your character, in your experiences)enables you to live by those rules?

I do know a lot of ideas and ideals about how to be a good person. I'm just wondering what alows people to follow those, 'cause not everyone will know how to.

Laurent said...

A part from the classical traits such as persistence, discipline, I found that the one trait that works best for me is to be aware or in sync or experience the moment plainly, fully, i.e. to be focused on what matters. It is difficult to put it in a few words. Another way to put it, is to slow down your mind, your thought process, so that you leave space for the other, the outside world, in order to embrace what is external to you. I think this puts you in the right position, mindset, to act in a good way - whatever defines as being good :)