Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie trivia

Everybody who's ever seen a Bollywood movie knows that they always have two parts. Or rather, an intermission in the middle. It's kind of logical, seeing how the movies are usually about 3 hours long.

The interesting part is that they have those even during Western movies! 
Yesterday I went to see Megamind and when the movie paused, my first thought was that something'd gone wrong.. Today (The tourist - a lot of fun!), I welcomed the intermission with a huge smile on my face, and a full bladder ;) It's also a good time to get some delicious ice-cream or more popcorn & soda, without missing out on a part of the movie. Me likes!

The second thing is Indian censorship. Again, anyone familiar with B-town productions knows that there are no steamy sex scenes, not even steamy kiss scenes. What do they do when such a scene appears in a foreign project? (And let's be honest, they do in 99% of foreign films) 
They cut out a part of the movie. As simple as that.

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