Thursday, December 30, 2010

A day on the beach

Today's been a very laid back one. Also, I've decided not to go out anywhere in the evening in order to catch up on some reading and gather the necessary strength for tomorrow, as it's going to be craaazy.

Where are you guys spending the last evening of 2010? 

I wanted to go to Goa even before I landed in India. Then some arrangements didn't seem to be working out, so I backed out. About three days later I met a girl who was heading to Goa with her cousin and his friend (with whom I had been hanging out for a while) and said I could crash with her in her hotel room and get a ride in the car with them. It seemed like a heaven's gift, as plane tickets were already expensive and accommodation prices? I didn't even wanna go there.. So Goa was back on. But then my friends started persuading me not to go there, as it would be crowded beyond imagination, full of drunk and drugged people, so totally not my scene.. And so, again, I decided to stay in M-city.
There are a couple of parties I've been invited to and didn't know where to go, but I think it's pretty clear now - I'll be welcoming the new, most exciting 2011 in Azok, which looks amazing!

Yesterday was supposed to be rather quiet but ended up with my going to Trilogy Club in Sea Princess Hotel and later a delcious burger in Novotel's restaurant at 3:00 am.
I woke up indecently late and was ready to work, but my boss was in a hurry for some meeting, and as we were supposed to go over some things together, I was left with a free day (well, afternoon more so, as I woke up at noon...). Was wondering if it still made sense to go downtown, it would take about 1,5-2hrs, then figured - why not spend the day at the beach? So I got ready, found myself a riksha and set off to Juhu Beach.

It's so cute that my Indian friends are worried about me whenever I want to go somewhere on my own :) Sure, I do get bugged, beggars, street vendours etc., but it's a part of this country. Besides, my previous trip has prepared me for it in a way. When I said I wanted to go to the beach, it was suggested that I go to some hotel, enjoy a sunbed etc, because it would be very crowded. Actually, there's only one spot that got crowded at round 4pm, but other than that, the beach's long and wide, and there's plenty of space. So I strolled around for about 2,5 hours taking pictures and enjoying the free time. Of course, there were a couple of people who bugged me a bit and tried to sell me stuff, everyone was staring, some asking to take pictures of/with me. But then again - I was doing the exact same thing, lurking around with my camera!

I had one guy literally follow me for half the beach, trying to take a good pic. Whenever I realised he was pointing his phone at me, I would turn my head around and pretended the water was looking extremely interesting. I thought he'd get the point, but people in here can be very persistent. So there I was walking along the shore with this dude a bit behind me to my right, following my every step. At one point I had to ask for direction, so he passed me, stopped 2 meters away and this time it was him who was finding the sky extremely appealing. I decided I'd had too much and called out to him saying that I wasn't blind and could see him follow me the whole time, so maybe he could drop it already. The guy had the nerve to ask me for a photo but when I looked at him angrily and said no, he finally left me alone.

I was meeting a friend and decided to sit down and write in my journal a bit. Almost nobody tried to speak to me but every 5 minutes I would lift my head up just to find 2 or 3 men standing a meter away and staring at me. Some would even come from behind and try to read what I was writing hehehe

The thing is, it might get annoying after a certain period of time, but there's no reason to worry, no danger. I've heard of girls who got felt up or grabbed from behind, but I guess it's some luck and a lot of good attitude that is needed. What I mean is that I never try to 'hide' in such places, but never mean to stand out, or feel 'special'. Trying to be as positive and respectful as I can. And believe me, people sense it somehow. I always smile at women and children, bow my head when I see elder people and try to very quickly estabilish a kind of a boundary when it comes to men. It has always worked so far and that's why I never think twice about going to 'local places', don't feel at danger. A tourist attraction? Sure. But not unsafe. Let's be honest though, if you were by the Polish seaside and suddenly saw an Indian woman in a colourful sari walking down the beach, wouldn't you stare and wonder what she's doing there? I for one definitely would.

The walk ended with an awfully sweet (howcome their sweet is so much sweeter than ours??) and delicious moccha, and I was ready for my yoga class. I've recently joined those in the park right next to my place. I go there 3 times a week for an hour, and a month of such classes costs me 1 500 IND, roughly about 35$. The teacher's a sweet 20 year old, whose father's been teaching her yoga since she was very little. I've seen him do freezes on his fingertips today...
After yoga it was time for jogging. Today I did 13 laps, which I have to add to every day. I started with 12 last evening (4, strech, 4, strech, 4) and promised myself to add one more every day. I was talking to a friend today and she started laughing, asking if the park was more of a little garden. So no, it's not :P Maybe the laps aren't kilometers long but I think it's still not so bad, seeing how I'm just beginning.
I think I'll have to take a day off from running on Saturday, though..

Wow, my internal clock's so messed up that I don't even realize how late it gets anymore. I was supposed to add some pictures from the last trip, read a book and go to bed early, but it's already 0:45! It means the last day of 2010 has already begun.. I'de better use it wisely.
And so should you my dears!

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