Saturday, July 30, 2011

Operation 'Summer on Iceland' is now in progress

You read me right - let the adventure begin!

I am just about to leave the house. Taking the 7.15 train to Oława, a little town near Wrocław, where I'll be visiting my family over the weekend.

Managed to pack all my things (although when Antoine heard my bag was a 30l one all he said was: Good luck!) and it's actually not that bad (after all, I hardly took anything..!). It's just that the mat and the sleeping bag stick out a lot and I'm a bit afraid the Ryanair folks will not let me through. They've gotten a bit too scrupulous lately, wouldn't you agree?
My belongings for the next 7 weeks!
Yesterday saw some last purchases and I must admit it got me a tiny bit down - the gear cost me more than the IcelandExpress flight and thus I have already spent over 700e on a trip that hasn't even started yet.. So many people have been repeatedly asking me if I'm seriously not looking for a job. Come October - I SO am. 

Gotta clear my head now, though. 
What is spent is spent and well, that's what we have $$ for, right?

Keep on telling that to yourself. 
And again.

Ok, I'm fine now :)

Let the adventure begin!

2 komentarze:

Paula said...

Please keep me posted if you had to pay extra for your backpack, or if they let you through. Trzymaj sie!!

Magu Bee said...

I won't let them make me pay... ;)

I'll be at the airport quite early, so will have loads of time to stuff all six of my pockets ;) and ask a fellow passanger for help, if need be. The onloy problem is the sleeping bag, but I'll find a way :)