Thursday, December 16, 2010

Welcome to India!

Wow, so I'm finally here!
The tiring journey from Europe has ended today at 4:20am, when I landed in Mumbai. Some time to get through immigration (no questions asked, thank God ;), get the luggage and off I went to wait for the driver.
The part of Mumbai I'm staying in is called Andheri West, or Middle Town. Not the most luxurious part of the city, but still one of the best places to be living in. Unfortunately, tourist-wise, it's pretty far away from all the landmarks and attractions, and with the traffic they have here, going downtown is a real hassle. However, it's a really comfortable space that I'll be occupying, have my own room and bathroom. But most of all, the family I'm staying with is of the best kind. Very cordial, welcoming and loving, can't wait to become a part of this household!

It's most heart-warming to see how the members of this family communicate and interact, how close all the aunties, cousins and friends are. I've always wanted a big family, but being an only child, never had one. I'm sure some of their affection will be transferred on to me, so I feel totally reassured.

Because we arrived very late into the night/early in the morning, there was not that much traffic or people on the streets. Didn't get to smell Mumbai either, as from the airport I got straight into an AC car, and was brought home. I'm very happy, as there's a big park 5mins walk away from the flat, so I'll start jogging in the mornings - no excuse that there's no place for that! :)

Work-wise have already some tasks pointed out, but I guess today's still adaptation and rest time. Will start full on tomorrow. That's also when I'm attending my first function- a Christmas party organised by a networking platform for expats, InterNations. What do I wear? ... ;)

Oh, this will be a most exciting time!

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