Thursday, June 16, 2011

One and a half

Have just been chatting with a friend I haven't talked to for a while, so of course the question that's come up is 

'Where in the world are you?'
I said 'Warsaw, like a month and a half or so­ ­'
'A month and a half ago since you've been there or until you leave?!'

And then I realised one and a half is THE number for today.

I've been back in Warsaw for a bit over a month and a half.
I'm leaving Poland in a day and a half (only for 3 days, but it still counts!)
And in a month and a half, I'm leaving for my next trip.

How cool is one and a half, I ask you? ;)

2 komentarze:

Clarice Starling said...

where will u be going next?

Magu said...

Tomorrow I'm off to Sicily, to Tripani for 3 days :)
I've just found out there's a CS meeting this weekend 30km away :D
The luck keeps on coming ;) No couch yet though..

How have you been? Any travels planned?