Monday, June 27, 2011

Loosing it

Am sitting at home, when I shouldn't be sitting but packing or making sandwiches or something, and thinking about how cool it is to have friends all over the place. How cool and how oh, not so cool to have them! 

I mean, come on - in the last 3 or 4 days have been invited to Germany, France, Italy, Spain.. and would love to go call upon all the amazing people I know there, even have a cool route in my mind that would start tomorrow and finish somewhere at the end of September, but I can't embark on it due to my Warsaw commitments. Man, I must really be loosing it if an internship, which could be doable via Internet if I played it right, and a vision of working with a cool travel company seem like too big a commitment..

my bus to Berlin leaves at 6am from a place that will take me at least an hour to reach, so I should leave in less than 7 hours. In which time I should make my backpack, prepare my breakfast, lunch and whatever else I can eat while on my way to Germany, get some sleep, take a shower and clean my room. 

I guess tonight I'll just settle for food and the backpack, will sleep on the bus itself (after all got 10 hrs to spare) and tidy the room in July.

That's settled then, I can go back to writing.*

Am beginning to work on Magu Bee's travel stories, this time in my native language. Man, it's so hard to write in Polish!

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