Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Everything happens for a reason

I was supposed to be getting my London ticket last Friday. Had found a quite ok fare, talked it over with a friend and was ready to buy it. We all know, however, that all the cheap (sorry, low cost – political correctness above all) airlines make you pay a fee for credit card payment, which quite often is just as or even more expensive than the tickets I buy, unless you have a prepaid card. Which I don’t. Luckily, a friend I’ve just been to Italy with does and she agreed to help me. 4 days have passed and due to different circumstances I still haven’t got the ticket. At least now, I know why.

.         .        .         .        .

I was to stay in London with Z, whom I’ve been meaning to visit for quite some time now. However, she’ll have another friend over at the time and as her room isn’t all that big, we’d be a bit short of space. Thus, I was about to give myself only one day in UK before I set off to Iceland. M, the helpful friend with a prepaid card, wanted to get me my ticket on Friday, but she couldn’t due to the lack of financial means on the card. She transferred some money to try again Saturday morning. Saturday morning came, but the money didn’t, so she still couldn’t buy it. And then we left for Sicily where we found out that one of the biggest holiday resorts on the northern shore of the island has zero internet cafes (seriously guys?). Our hotel (the beach) didn’t have a computer we could use either. By the time we could get online again, the ticket’s price had gone up again, so I decided to look for something else once I’m back home.

I’ve been back home for a couple of hours now but no cheaper flights on the given day was to be found. I’ve decided not to risk it and wait for some hot deal, and gave the green light to purchase the flight. Yet again, as the price had gone up, not enough dough to pay Raynair off. So again, the angelic M said she’d transfer some more cash and get me the ticket then. About half an hour later G, a Lithuanian friend living in London, wrote me after quite some weeks without contact, and invited me over to hers. So, I’ll get to see her and some more of my friends, pay less for the flight itself and enjoy London a bit more (and have read about a new mango joint yesterday , which I’m all too eager to check out, so yay!).

Thanks bank transfers for taking so freaking long! :)

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