Friday, September 2, 2011

Most grateful

Was supposed to be writing my next note about something different but then again, was supposed to be camping out somewhere on the outskirts of Montpellier. 

As it is, am comfortably lying on a sofa, with fresh linen and pillows, full of good cheese, pizza and positive energy coming from all the international tong twisters we were reading in the evening and the amazing generosity and hospitality of yet another hosts.

We didn't manage to get a couch for ourselves in the city but luckily Paszczak and Ewelina are in Montpellier as well and agreed to let us use their tent for tonight. We spent the afternoon walking around town, at round 6pm went to get our bags from our previous host and caught a tram going to the guys' hosts. I was the designated French speaker and before we got on the tram, I called to ask if we could come along to their place, so that Paszczak could give us the tent. The girl said yes, sure and apologised she couldn't host us but they were already having 3 surfers over.

We got off the train and called Jeremy, the host, to ask how to get to the house. He told us to stay put, as he would come to pick us up. Come he did and invited us to stay over at their place, although he was sorry the conditions wouldn't be too good. He must have been kidding, 'cause the conditions are great. The flat is so homey and nice, the people living here are all sweethearts. We've been offered a place to sleep, food and drinks, computer time and anything else we might need.

.     .     .     .     .

I have met some generous and hospitable people who went out of their ways to make my stay in their home town a most comfortable one but it still is amazing to discover that they are not so few as one might expect. A similar situation took place in Iceland but more about that on a different occasion. Every time, I feel so so lucky to come across them and see into their world, if only for a couple of hours. 

Also, the French have a rather bad reputation but all the hosts (and hosts by chance) have been amazing people. So down with cliches, once again!

To all the kind souls and trustful strangers ready to turn into trusted friends in an hour of need - thank you.

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