Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 more Icelandic trivia

Here goes more Iclandic trivia.

#9 To get your electrician's license you need to pass exams in Danish (it's also compulsory at school).

#10 There were no plans to establish any Icelandic military forces after the II WW, although on 30 March 1949 the Alpingi (parliament) decided that Iceland would be a charter member of NATO, thus turning its back on neutrality. However, an Icelandic Defense Force came to live, with its all American military personnel.

#11 In schools, going to the swimming pool is compulsory.

#12 Iceland has something in common with Asia. They're beginning to have two sets of prices in some places - for the locals and for tourists (f.e. entrance to the Blue Lagoon is 4500 ISK for foreigners and 1900 ISK for Icelanders).

#13 Back in the day swimming pools used to employ a person whose only job was to oversee that visitors shower naked before going into the pool. Apparently, about 20 years ago someone told them it was a tad bit odd, so they fired the poor folks.

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