Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to my NYC dance origins

When I was booking my flights to NYC, the trip wasn't to be all about dance. Not even majorly about dance, as I wouldn't be able to afford too many classes.

And then last Monday morning I read a message from Patrice, a French friend living in NYC whom I met on the Lombok volcano trek (and whose NY cap I'm wearing on the pics), in which he sent me an offer from SocialLiving - a Groupon kinda thingy - selling a full month pass at one of the big latin dance school for 30$ (!). Unfortunately, seeing how I was in the High Tatras at the time, I didn't get to answer until 8 hours later, by which time the offer was no longer available. 
However, that suddenly ignited a spark I'd long tried to put down - a dance-oriented stay in NYC was doable. More than that, that's what I was going to make it!

*     *     *      *      *

Today I got another message from Patrice, sending me a Groupon offer for none other than BLADE, the Hip Hop Dance Conservatory I mentioned in my last NY post, the one I first planned on going to those 5 years ago. 

I've bought my first dance classes in NYC!

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