Friday, August 10, 2012

Tatras calling!


I've been so looking for today to arrive - I have been missing the mountains, trekking, nature and a backpack on by back (where it's supposed to be, not in the closet) for a long while now. And so finally Friday, August 10th is here and I'm off to Slovakia for a weekend of trekking with some cool friends from WITC.

OK, so I did imagine doing it in shorts and getting tanned whereas the reality is closer to long pants, gloves and a raincoat but still - I don't mind one bit! 
A little sweat and a little rain ain't never hurt nobody, as Beyonce would put it in one of her songs.

Also, will somehow have to wash my raincoat tonight, as suddenly the water got turned off in my flat and was unable to do so.

*     *     *     *      *

It is true that the last time I was on Slovakia it looked more like this but this weekend is gonna be so much more fun!
Ok, off to pack.

Have an awsome end of the week dears!

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mespeel said...

nice post! :)

Magu Bee said...

Thanks Mespeel and welcome to the blog!