Monday, November 22, 2010

And so the countdown begins..

Exactly three weeks from now I'll find myself standing in the middle of a busy crowd of people somewhere in the middle of the huge metropolis that is Mumbai.

It seems the most unusual thing, seeing how I'm at home in Warsaw and was meaning to stay here till the beginning of April 2011. It has been proven to me many times over how true the saying "God laughs when people make plans" is. Luckily, this time it turned out to be a very merry and loving chuckle that is taking me on yet another adventure. Hopefully, a very successful one at that. 

It was all very random and spontaneous but the decision to leave was far from reckless. 
However, meeting a person over a drink and taking an internship offer on another continent within a couple hours of having met one another might sound a bit ... hotheaded. I guess this is why whenever I tell my friends about how the whole thing went down they look at me stupefied and call me crazy. But they mean positive crazy. 
I assume.

As I've quite recently found out, the best things in life are the spur-of-the-moments we stumble across while making our way through everyday routine. The only question here is whether we are willing to jump in and see where the current of life, and our decisions, takes us. Seeing how Ganga is the sacred river for millions of Hindu I can only hope the current will be a generous one.

I've once had this big crush on Bollywood, which later turned into a crush on India itself. I had been planning a backpacking trip around the country a couple of years back, but ended up not going there. Not seeing the Taj, not trekking the Himalayas, nor acting in one of the movies I used to enjoy so much. As far as last month, while sitting in a room my best friend's renting on Java in Indonesia, I was reminiscing about how I once yearned for a trip to India and how that had somehow gotten lost along the way. Sometimes life's got this funny way of reminding us of what we had once dreamt of and giving us a second shot at whatever craziness it might be. So my time's up, and India awaits.
It will definitely be nothing short of exciting!

However, now it's the time to arrange all the formalities, bank accounts etc., pack a part of my room into boxes so that my folks have a bit more space at home and throw a kickass farewell party ;)


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