Tuesday, November 23, 2010


A little something I'm over the moon happy about at the moment.

Some background might come in handy.
I spent a year in Brussels trying to learn French (along with other very useful things, although irrelevant to the story at hand).
In my French class I had two good friends, both of them happened to be Austrian, none of them living in Vienna.
B I haven't seen for almost two years now! I think she left the city somewhere in December 2008. We stayed in touch for a while but then, as it unfortunately happens all too often, we didn't talk. Fortunately, we've found a way back to each other (blessed be fb!) and do update each other once in a while.
D was in Belgium almost as long as I was, which means we haven't seen each other since June 2009. Also here fb turned out to be civilisation's great gift.

The plane that's going to fly me all the way to India takes off in the Austrian capital. I've been meaning to somehow meet with B & D for quite a while now, but it wasn't in meant to be. Decided their coming to Vienna would be a lot easier than to Warsaw, so sent a message asking if they'd be willing to take the train ride and see me there. I'm meeting my future boss on Dec 10th and wanted to take the morning train to have a couple of hours in this beautiful city. Also considered going a day earlier and finding a host to have the opportunity to get to know the place a bit better.
Got the reply from D - it so happens that she's got an errand to run in Vienna on the 10th.
Got the reply from B - it so happens that she's got a long weekend, 9th thru 12th and can definitely come. We can even stay at her relative's place.
What a coincidence, huh?

Oh, another thing from today. 
I was looking for my flight using skyscanner but got redirected to opodo for the booking operation. Got my ticket confirmation and all was peachy. Till someone from opodo called me today in the morning to inform me that they couldn't sell me the ticket afterall. It's operated by Air India and they'd missed the fact. If they sold me the ticket, they'd have to pay a fine (don't ask me). So in short, they told me they would give me back my money, and I was screwed (they could sell me a ticket for the same flight but from Austrian's ticket pool and it would cost me about 250€ more). I went on expedia, my second choice search engine, and managed to find the same flight, only about 15€ cheaper than the one I'd originally bought.
Go figure.

By the way;
What is your take on a thing called "coincidence"? Do you believe in such a concept?

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