Monday, March 14, 2011

What do you do?

TEDxWarsaw2011 is almost around the corner and I'm one of the lucky people whose application got accepted. Honestly, I didn't think it was very selective but apparently it might have been a bit more difficult to attend than I imagined.

They were organising some 'networking workshops' today (unfortunately not too enlightening) during which I've come to see the conference not only as an 'inspiration and creativity platform', but also as a 'networking platfrom'. Everyone was talking about introducing oneself properly, exchanging business cards, getting new contacts. Which got me thinking - what do I actually do? What is it that I could, and should, put on my business card?

The ones I was using 4 months ago are no longer valid, as they're @ business cards.
The ones I was using as far as 9 days ago are no longer valid, as they're my Indian business cards.
So what now? 

I guess it'd be smart to have some, especially that while travelling you meet a lot of people you wanna stay in touch with. For one, they might be great potential friends. However, as much as writing down your email addresses and phone numbers on spare pieces of paper or tissues might seem romantic, it is very risky, as one tends to loose those very often. On the other hand, you sometimes meet people who might be 'useful' (how I hate using that word in reference to others..) when it comes to your career or a future job. In short, having a business card is mighty useful.

But then, what do I put on it?
My university degree states that I'm a Japanologist (a funny word, innit?). Am I one, though? Nope.
The part time I've been doing for the last 10 years is teaching English. Do I wanna continue that and be know as an English teacher, though? Nope.

So I was thinking for about 3 minutes... and figured out what I'll put on my business cards is whom I want to be and what I want do be doing .. Afterall, what you are to the outside world is what that said world sees and describes you as. I mean, if someone sees a card with the words 'traveller' or 'travel writer' (wishful thinking, I know!) on it, then in their eyes that's whom I'll be, right? And they'll treat me as such, 'cause they won't know any better, am I right or am I right?

There you go then.

Stranger: And what do you do?
Magu: I'm a traveller.

2 komentarze:

Anna said...

I would say it's a great idea! And actually, I've seen one or two such cards. There is your name there, the address of your CS profile and/or blog and hmm maybe "traveler" as your occupation really. 'Cause that is it, it is your occupation, right? It IS what you are occupied with huh?;) And for sure no one would forget such a card if they see it:)

Magu said...

Thanks for the reassurance!
Now I need a design and to decide whether this blog is worth mentioning or not really :)