Thursday, August 4, 2011

8 Icelandic trivia

#1 Electricity is very cheap in here, so even if it's 4pm and totally light outside, 4 out of 5 lights in your flat will be on.

#2 If you're out for a walk with a baby in a stroller and want to go into a store or a friend's house, you just leave the stroller outside. Baby included. The baby will sleep and breathe fresh air and they're less likely to steal the stroller.

#3 Icelanders drink a lot. A lot lot, like till 8am. Once they start, they don't stop.

#4 If you're flying to US through Iceland, the airlines allow you to make a 7day long layover without additional cost. So smart when it comes to bringing tourists into the country!

#5 They have sandals with a Vibram sole.

#6 If you want fresh coffee \ cold water and you're broke, go to a bank. Seriously, the bank I've been to in Keflavik is the fanciest one I've seen. They've a coffee machine you can use for free, plus a fridge with bottled water to take. Although to be fair, the time I went to a bank in Bombay, they brought me chai and cookies.

#7 People like to sleep here. Businesses open at 9am at the earliest (usually 10 or 11am though) and close at 6pm.

#8 There's a Candy Saturday - a day when kids can eat sweets. It turns out I've partially received an Icelandic upbringing! (do rodzicow - czyzbyscie zapozyczyli ten pomysl z Islandii?)

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mealoneinchina said...

hey, we've got saldals on vibram too :D