Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Am about to start my journey to Brussels in a couple of minutes and it hit me it was my first trip in 14 months without the Bee Dress on board. I already feel lonely.

But wait, I hear you ask yourselves, why did she say she was embarking on a journey to Brussels? Isn't it just a 2 hour flight away?
Well, it is my friends. If you're a sane person.

I know they say bad decisions make for good stories, so what I'm about to tell you should result in the most awsome stories you've heard so far, although I somehow doubt it will... As I was saying, a sane person would just book a flight from Warsaw.
Magu would book a flight from Wroclaw, because she would be hoping she'd manage to interview an Asian or two for her column before hopping on that plane. Thus, she'd have to travel on a night train from Warsaw, have to kill time before 6am and 2pm when she'd get on the plane to Charleroi, land there at 4pm and be in Brussels itself by about 6pm. Total count? 20 hours on the road.
As you probably already know, it is no theory. That's what Magu did.

To make things more fun (why do I always do this to myself? why can't I sometimes make things easier instead of out-of-this-world-complicated-for-no-proper-reason?) I didn't come home last night and kinda did a shot (one, of course) too many when I was out. So today after work I had to do everything, plus fight a horrible headache.
And I don't think the 7.5 hour train ride is gonna make me feel any better...

So, now that I've bitched about everything there was to bitch about and dissed myself a couple of times, let me just tell you that otherwise I'm on fire.
2012 is gonna kick 2011 where the sun don't shine! :D

And now I really have to go.


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