Friday, December 2, 2011

Magic week

I've searched the blog but it seems I still haven't shared the 'magic week' theory with you. As I'm experiencing one right now, I think it's a great opportunity to do so. My friend Weronika shared her curious observation with me in the middle of October. 

There was a week where I got my current job, I got approached by a Dutch travel magazine to quote one of my blog posts in their article, I got the opportunity to teach dance and a couple of other smaller thingies. I was at her place when I got the Dutch journalist's email and that's when she decided to share her theory with me. Basically, there are those weeks every now and then, when only good things happen to me. Only very good things, which change a lot in my life. I started laughing at first, but then she said she had seen that happen before, in June. She gave me examples - I quit a job with this not-so-great boss, I won some $ on FB with my dance video, I bought my tickets to fly to Iceland, went to Sicily for a weekend and got accepted as a volunteer in Roskilde (each thing would be happening on a consecutive day of the week, for a week). I decided to take it further and try to trace it back, assuming 4 months would be the period in between those weeks (June to October). It took me back to February/March - totally true! There was one week in the beginning of March which was totally crazy and kinda seems like a cool dream, where every day brought something new and amazing. Then 4 months back again and we're in November - true again! Having a very rewarding AIESEC week and meeting my future Indian boss. Go 4 months back and we're in August - again, a craazy AIESEC week, with every night being better than the previous one, encounters that have changed a lot in my life and resulted in my huge first trip to Asia!

A couple minutes of searching through my memories and I became a firm beliver of the magic week theory! We counted it forwards and decided the next one should come around in February. But guess what? It's early! 

Monday - I get hooked up with a complimentary 5* hotel night for NYE in Cracow.
Tuesday - I have one of the most creative and self-confidence boosting conversations in months, which actually might lead somewhere really interesting and lifechanging.
Wednesday - I get my first full salary ;) But most importantly, I celebrate with my parents - it's their 26th wedding anniversary!
Thursday - I make a (hopefully) huge step towards being published. About travelling! Regularly!
Friday - I'm walking to work thinking to myself  'C'mon magic week, what more could you possibly bring me today?'. I check my inbox and find an invitation to appear on a radio audition tomorrow (stay tuned on Radio dla Ciebie, 13:00-13:00)!

Can you spot your magic weeks? Do you make sure to appreciate them properly?

Are you a believer?

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