Saturday, December 10, 2011

High on positive exhaustion

Put together the (most fortunate!) lack of strong will and really cool friends and what you'll get is a totally exhausting, yet most positive and heart warming couple of days.

Put a handicraft market, a radio interview, my dance class, a birthday party, seeing a friend after over a year, dancing your butt off in a club together and you have an idea of my last Saturday.
Put a visit to a friend's place in the outskirts of Warsaw for a motivational talk, a CS foodies' meeting and picking up Paula who's come down here for a couple of days, going shopping and going back to the 70s/80s in Pewex in the Pavilons together and you'll see what Sunday had in store.
Promise yourself that for a week you will act like a sane person and come back home straight from the office to work on all those things you need and want to work on, and you'll end up popping in for a friend's bday party to later eat a whole bowl of homemade pierogi (I just gotta love living with my aunt!), go to see a friend buy a dress to end up baking homemade pizza in another part of town, go out for the most expensive (but delicious!) ice-cream around with your parents (just for an hour) and get to know your dad's brother's in town so you end up coming back home 3 hours later than previewed, go to a meeting with an editor of one of the travel magazines to discover a nice restaurant with really tasty salads (Societe on Różana street, if anyone's wondering) and, more importantly, meet a person you want to be when you grow up ;) to later pop in for a strange event where, as long as you're a girl, you get free drinks and can savour some fruit with the addition of white melted chocolate from a fountain they prepared especially for you (made me think of Brussels and want it to be Wednesday already so much more!), go ice skating for the first time this year (sic!) by the Palace of Science and Culture, go present hunting and then for an interesting Polish-French coffee meeting in a cosy cafe in Warsaw's old Jewish district... Pffew, makes me tired to even write it all down! 
(Not to mention the full time job I still somehow manage to keep ;) )

Speaking of which, we've put up a Christmas tree in the office, my boss made us all Egyptian burrito for lunch today, the other boss has confessed her love for us and I have definitely gained two new good friends - I think I might have been really lucky with that job, regardless of whatever difficulties I face on daily basis. I really like going there even if it has to be every day and means I'll be sitting by the computer for 8 hours, half of the time trying hard not to be frustrated. How cool is that?

I'm also beginning to believe the world wants me to make the best use of whatever 2011 has still on offer, as the past 2 weeks have been more creative than sometimes months can be. As usual, friends were being their supportive and inspirational selves, so I'm high on everyone's energy. Ideas have been flowing through my head with the speed of light* and luckily I was smart enough to a) write most of them down and b) act! Have a couple of aces down my sleeve (hopefully), just need to find the time to actually work on those winning cards...

Oh, and a cool video for a great end of the week:

Laugh and the world will laugh with you!

Speaking of which, you might want to drop in here to check out a friend's new movie project. I'm so happy the guys have already reached their original goal but together with everyone else, I'm hoping they'll gather a lot more $ to finance additional stuff. If you're a fan of the arts and sci-fi, please support them!

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