Thursday, December 22, 2011


I guess you already know I'm big on dreams.
making dreams reality, 
dreaming some more, 
encouraging others to dream 
helping anyone and everyone we can to get closer to what they dream of.

I've recently heard from someone very close to me that they didn't have any dreams.
I don't believe that.
I refuse to believe that.

I do believe sometimes we can get so caught up with our professional/family lives that we belive our dreams impossible, however big or small they might be, to a point where we don't even consider those thoughts dreams any more. We see them as mere curiosities and never act on them. 
And it's the worst thing we can do.

However, just dreaming won't do the trick.
You gotta want it and you gotta work for it. 
And if you do, you will find your end of the rainbow. 
Many ends. The more, the better!

So what are your dreams?
And what will you do next to make them happen?

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