Tuesday, April 26, 2011

22 hours later..

.. instead of 'when are you coming back?', all I'm hearing is 'where are you going now?'. Do people really get fed up with me that fast?

.         .            .             .               .

Surprising how long a simple journey back home can take.. At the time of buying my return ticket I thought I was gonna be spending a couple of days in Barcelona and Madrid, so getting myself a flight back from the latter seemed like a grant idea. Not so much so when the plans had changed and I'd stayed behind in Andalucia.

What should be a 4-5 hour journey turned into a whole day spent on buses, planes and trains.
I left Jaen on a 7:30pm bus and arrived in the capital at 1am. The 40min delay we had caused my missing line 8 at Nuevos Ministerios (if you want to reach the airport by tube, then that's where you'd want to be), making me go back to O'Donnell and look for the shuttle bus (luckily those run every 40mins or so, 24/7). I reached the airport at 2:40am and looked for a spot to get some sleep before I boarded my plane at 6am. 10am is when I reached Cracow, went to the Market Square (oh, how I love that square!), ate some of my granny's pasztet (something like pâté ) that my uncle had brought me and got myself a ticket for the 1:02pm train to Warsaw.

Barely keeping my eyes open while waiting for my train in Cracow.
Collected my keys from K's and finally reached home at 5pm.

It has taken me almost as long as the journey back from Bombay! ..

.         .            .             .               .

Oh, and I need to get my bike fixed for next week.. ;)

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