Monday, April 11, 2011

Where to now?

Ok guys, I think I need your help..

I'm lost - have too many cool options and don't know what to choose.

Option #1

Spend this week till the 17th going around the cities in Andalucia. On Sunday board a plane, fly to Barcelona. Enjoy it for a couple of days and then head to Madrid for a day or two and fly out.

Option #2

Spend this week on the coast discovering the apparently beautiful beaches along Costa de la Luz, south from Cadiz. Get back to civilisation when Semana Santa begins and experience the processions in Sevilla. Later move to Cordoba for a day and then around the 24th head out to Madrid to catch my flight back.

Option #3

Spend the next 4 days in and out of Granada, go to Cordoba on the 15th and on the 16th head to Portugal. Stay there for about a week somewhere around Algarve, probably make a one day trip to Lisbon. Then come back on the 22nd, try to catch some of Semana Santa in Seville and on the 24th head out to Madrid.

 Option #4

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Anonymous said...

Have you been to Portugal ?