Friday, April 8, 2011

Cambios, cambios, cambios

Soo.. a lot of changes.
I was supposed to fly out to Barcelona on the 17th, have already bought my ticket and all, but I think I'll just forget about it and stay in Andalucia till the last moment, so the 24th or so. Semana Santa (Easter) is supposed to be insane in here with huge processions, the most famous in Sevilla. There's been some personal changes, let's call them, and now as I don't feel the need to go to Barcelona at this given time, I'll stay behind and enjoy the southern celebrations.

Don't really have internet access in here, so haven't been updating much but have seen some cool places and met interesting people, all about which I'd love to write you about but I guess later is the time to do so :)
Also, lots of pictures waiting to be published!

But no time to waste on the net, so am off to hike a bit.
Q tengan un buen dia!

2 komentarze:

Clarice Starling said...

I'm sorry to hear that but glad you are staying in Andalusia!! Let me know if you come to the coast of Granada tomorrow!

Magu said...

Thanks hon! I kinda knew it would be like that in the end but it still sucks a bit.

Am back in Granada! Will probably end up staying 2 or 3 more days hehehe