Monday, April 4, 2011

No eres Polaca, tu eres Colombiana!

Hello from Granada!

Have just reached a flamenco school my friend teaches/learns at. Am sitting on the balcony, surrounded by flowers, listening to the numerous birds' songs and watching the sun get ready to settle down for the night behind the rooftops of the city. It's amazingly simple, yet so fulfilling..

.       .        .         .        .         .          .          .         .

Yesterday afternoon was a bit unnerving as I couldn't contact a friend I was supposed to be staying with and ended up in a rainy Granada without a roof over my head. Luckily a sweet Greek CSer, K, took care of me and provided with shelter, good food and some girl talk.

Today I was supposed to get up early, take a walk around and meet K, my primary school friend and the flamenco dancer, in her school. However, I got shamelessly lazy and spent the early afternoon chatting with A, Greek K's Polish flatmate. Then K came back from uni, she made us good lunch and the least I could do was share some Indian stories and photos in return. Ended up leaving her place quite late and took my time to reach Escuela Carmen de las Cuevas. Wandered around the town for about two hours and somehow, again not really using the map, got to some of the city's highlights and ended up exactly where I needed to. Everyone loves Granada and its atmosphere, I think it'll be pretty easy for me to fall for it as well..

.       .        .         .        .         .          .          .         .

As for the weekend -
Friday evening we had a huge dinner together at the camp (by 'we' I mean around 60 people or so). Everyone brought some food, be it mom's speciality,  salad, cake, some fruit or cheese and bread. There was so much good food I couldn't stop myself from trying something new every 5 minutes and ended up majorly overeating :) Too bad I was eating so much I didn't think about taking photos of what was on our plates! 
We then started goofing around and dancing, with some people going to sleep quite early to be rested for Saturday's canyoning, some at round 4:30 am like me and the rest in true Spanish style in the early morning. It's during the dancing that I've been told I should go to Latin America and that I'd enjoy myself there immensly (I would imagine my hip movements had something to do with the assumption).

Saturday started quite early, at 10:30 am we were waiting to be guided to the canyoning spot. I think there was some misunderstanding between the organisers and the company, as the guide came an hour later. Or maybe it's just the Spanish stretchable time :) 
The whole canyoning session was supposed to last about 4 hours but it took 5,5. By the end of it we were cold, hungry and sleepy, thus quite moody and complaining most of the time. The beginning and the middle part of the whole experience were amazing, though! So happy I've decided to do it!
The views were great, the water nicely chilly and the few adrenalin rushes addictive. Already in Malaga I was beginning to think about changing this trip from a city-oriented to a nature-oriented one and canyoning made me think about it so much more. Thus, today and tomorrow I'll need to figure out if I want to go through with the Cordoba-Seville-Cadiz-Ronda route, or whether I'd prefer to spend most of my time hiking in the mountains. It's quite surprising to me - before coming I thought I'd be partying a lot and living a very quickly paced life but I end up chilling, wandering around and taking things slow. Will have to see where my mood takes me in the end.

.       .        .         .        .         .          .          .         .

And that's how the sky looks as I'm finishing to write this:

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Clarice Starling said...

I was the unreachable friend, so sorry!!! I hope you still had an amazing time the few hours we spent together!

Magu said...

Sure I did!
And hoping for some more :D