Sunday, April 24, 2011

Que desastre

A little bit of what I've written a couple of days ago. Wanted to dedicate it to those who always complain about how much luck I have in life, enjoy.


For the first time since I can remember I’m feeling so defeated and out of luck that I just wanna sit down and start crying. Am already sitting, let’s see if the tears come as well.
Today’s been a nightmare - I’ve already managed to lose loads of time and bundles of cash, and it’s only 2:40pm.
I came to Cadiz yesterday in the afternoon and decided to spend the night there, having found a CS host and thinking I would just catch a bus or train to Jaen today in the afternoon (am going to Jaen to see one of the Semana Santa processions and meet with C, M and E). Just catch a bus or train my a.. .
I’ve been surfing the net at night and have found out there was one bus connection from Cadiz to Jaen, with a change in Seville at 11:15am and two trains – a normal one at 11:30 am and a more expensive express one at 6:00pm. The first two options weren’t too appealing because of the departure time, the third because of the price.
Got up very early (after coming back home at 5am) and set off to the train station. All peachy till the time I was told the train was full and I could only board the evening one. Normally I’d say I was lucky enough that the bus to Seville (option no.1) was leaving from the same spot and so I got myself a ticket. However, now I know I’d have loved it, had I not made it on that bus and stayed behind in Cadiz till 6pm. So I arrived in Seville at 12:55 only to find out that my 13:30 Jaen connection was leaving from a different bus station, about 20mins away by bus. I ran out to look for the bus stop and normally I’d say I was lucky enough that the C-4 bus came right away. However, now I know I’d have loved it, had I not made it on that bus and stayed behind at el Prado de San Sebastian. So I arrived at the other station, Plaza de Armas at 13:36 (20mins away my a.. ) and the only Jaen connection had just left. By the time I realized I wasn’t going to make it on the bus, I’d started looking for other options. C wrote me there was a bus going to Granada at 2:30pm and that later I could catch a ride with M&E. I decided I didn’t have much choice and went to buy myself a ticket only to find out the 2:30pm Granda bus leaves from el Prado de San Sebastian and it was 1:48pm. At that moment I seriously wanted to harm someone. There is a bus to Granada from Plaza de Armas at 4pm but it costs an arm and a leg and arrives in Granada at 7pm, by which time M&E are already supposed to be driving to Jaen. Graciously enough though, E said they’d wait for me to arrive. So I ended up buying the freaking expensive bus ticket for 4pm and went out of the station, which is in the middle of nowhere. And it was raining, of course. Normally, I’d try to use the 2 hours of free time I have to walk around the city and see something but am in no frame of mind to do so. Sleepy, hungry and poor doesn’t get you in the mood, if you know what I mean.

As a means of self-comforting I’ve found a Burger King and am munching on an awfully tasting cheeseburger, a thing I rarely do. The only good thing is that I won’t be thirsty, as they have refills in here. The bad thing is all the Nestea I’m drinking right now will probably emerge the moment I board my bus. I don’t really give a rat’s butt at this point though, if I’m to be honest. What I do give a rat’s butt is returning to the station on time, so I’m gonna finish this whinning post and head back. If I somehow manage to miss this bus then.. No, I don’t even wanna go there.

Ok, so I guess now I know why the bus was so expensive – it’s the most luxurious one I’ve been on. Comfortable semi-sleeper seats with seatbelts (mine’s in the single seat row by the window), little tvs, personal music inputs and minitables, a snack upon the entrance and a toilet for my Nestea.
As to the unluckiest day I’ve had in years – I left Burger King and started slowly walking into the direction of what I thought would be the train station. There I am,  walking at peace, feeling all good about myself, actually thinking how well my sense of orientation’s developed, and suddenly I reach a square which looks kinda too good and touristy for the part of town the station is located in. So I kinda start thinking that maybe it wasn’t the right direction after all and ask around for  Plaza de Armas, which the first couple of people don’t seem to know – not a great sign. Finally a waitress shows me the way and it’s the complete opposite of what I’ve been walking. I look at the clock and it hits me that I might actually miss the freaking bus!
I was too mad at myself and at Sevilla to enjoy my short walk around the city so was too lazy to even take out my camera and take a few shots. There were some nice buildings etc but I guess it’s the same old - after you’ve seen a couple of towns in the same region you kinda tend to get immune to some of the sights, at least I do. The interesting thing though was how people were dressed. At first I was surprised why everyone was so elegant and why all the restaurants and cafes were full on a Thursday at 2pm, until it hit me that it was Easter Thursday. Elegant clothes are nothing that interesting though, you might say. And you’d be completely right, with the exception of Sevillan women today.  I did overcome my photos-taking- laziness for like 2 minutes in the end so you could see this:

Oh, and about why the later train from Cadiz would have been that much better (apart from the obvious like not wasting the whole day in buses and the taking one train instead of two buses and a car ride part) – short after I’d boarded the bus to Sevilla I got a call from P – a CSer I met in Yunquera two weeks ago and with whom I was supposed to meet yesterday but we ended up missing each other  - that he was free to meet in the early afternoon and take me around on his bike. Need I say more?

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