Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On and off rain button

It turns out my luck might affect weather conditions as well..

As you know I'd opted for option 2, stayed behind in Granada and wanted to enjoy the beaches of Costa del Sol for a few days. Everything would have been peachy, if only the weather hadn't remembered it's still spring and instead of the 30 degrees we've been having last week, we should be having lots of wind and rain. So the weather fixed its ways. And, of course, it had to fix its ways the day I arrived in Torreguadiaro.

I've been putting off my visit to Ronda for the longest time now and when I finally got to go there, it was raining. I thought the town must have not liked me all that much, seeing how unwelcoming it was.
We (E, M, A, I* and myself) decided to grab a bite to eat as soon as we parked the car and decided to do it real quick, as it was beginning to rain real bad. And so we've found a surprisingly cheap place with surprisingly good food (bocadillo 2-3e, tapas 1e) - I can definitely recommend you Cafeteria Churreria Alameda on C/ Pozo nº 7 - 9 :) Otherwise, Ronda's very touristic and the prices are such as well.
We enjoyed our lunch and as soon as a tiny bit of sun showed up in the sky, we ran for it and left the warm cafeteria in order to see the town.  It was quite chilly and wet but the moment we got to the most picturesque and important place in town, the drizzle stopped and the sun graced us with its presence. And, what is more, stayed with us till the moment we got back to the car a couple of hours later, allowing us to enjoy the lovely scenery and even set off on a hike!

A still a bit rainy Ronda

A sunny and lovely Ronda

We got into the car and it started raining. A couple of minutes later we got surrounded by dense fog and that was about it for the nice weather that day.

.              .                  .              .             .               .

Today we wanted to see Tarifa and its famous beaches. However, the rain and cold didn't give us much hope for a successful trip. Yet again - we arrive at the beach and the sun is out.. Luckily for us, not that much of the famous wind or otherwise we'd have a rather hard time going for a walk. The vibe of this place is amazing- makes you wanna jump into the water and start kitesurfing right away! Even in spring with this crappy weather it's quite busy, I can only imagine how much entertainment Tarifa offers in the summer months.        

 It is true that rain chased us away from the beach after some time but it gave us just enough time to get some coffee in town and then the sun accompanied us during our walk through the town's streets. 

Tomorrow's pretty packed with sight-seeing so I hope the rain button doesn't have a malfunction!

I've tons of pics from those two days (some of them even quite decent!) but unfortunately my computer does have a malfunction, so will probably post them from back home in about a weeks' time.

*E - the girl who invited me to her house
M - E's friend from uni who came with us
A - E's brother
I - A's German gfriend


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