Thursday, November 17, 2011

Partially out of the nest

Obviously, the university drop out  that I am, I cannot afford to have my own place. Hell, I don't think I ever will, seeing how I don't intend on putting myself in debt for the rest of my life (at least in the forseeable future).

I can afford to rent a room, although I wasn't really going to - prices in Warsaw are crazy high considering an average person's salary. The thing is, we don't really have a choice but to pay those blood sucking flat owners what they demand. Unless..
Unless you have an aunt who has recently started living alone in a 2 room flat and is willing to rent out one of those for a third of what you would normally have to pay elsewhere. And if the said aunt happens to live in the best possible location in Warsaw, in the heart of the Old Town?
Well, then my friend, you're in for a treat!

Am super excited about staying here - finally in the middle of things, close to all the pubs, clubs and restaurants. Lots of energy, good vibration and the feel of the heart of the old city, instead of the heart of concrete communistic blocks of flats.

A 10 minute walk away from my yoga place and then another 10 minutes to the office. Turns out staying in Warsaw isn't that bad after all.

.     .     .     .     .

and my third interview is out. Don't know why but my editor really liked it when I sent it for proofreading. And I meant like really really. Originally, it was a bit different but as I did too much product placement without even 
realising it, I decided to cut some parts (which makes me think I'm not as talented as my editor seems to believe). But I do have to admit it still reads a lot better than the first one. Yay for progress!

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