Thursday, November 24, 2011

Changes of the mind, changes of the heart

Lots of thinking and talking and thinking recently.

Topics varying from relationships or freelancing, through cheating, emigration, attraction, investment and finance, all the way to resetting mindsets, lifechanging decisions and knitting.

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The job's been going well, I think. Sometimes really hectic and with afterhours, sometimes slower with time stretching immensly and with my turning into the office cook when I start making lunch for everybody. 
Being a PA means doing very diverse task, that's for sure. Everyone asks me what it is I do and I guess now I more or less know the range of my responsibilities, although I'm still being surprised all the time. Today f.e. I found out I will be in charge of our website (so got some learning to do - it took me 10minutes to upload new pictures by one of the hotel descriptions and give them a freaking baby blue frame.. ). But generally - I translate a lot, write inqiries and correspond with our partners, both domestic and international (be it travel agents, airlines, hotels, press & media, clients, tourism boards), prepare offers and itineraries, attend meetings, run the website (apparently). Might have forgotten a thing or two, but you get the picture.
My contract ends this year, it was a 3month trial period after all, and in complete honesty, I do not know if they will want to sign a normal contract with me or not. Let's see how things go.

.     .      .      .      .

On the personal front - things have been busy as well. Living in the Old Town is turning out to be quite disastrous to my pocket, but has reboosted my social life - going out everyday after work seems to have become a new routine of mine. Good thing - I've been discovering new cool places in Wrsaw. Bad thing - you gotta pay to get a taste of them, so to speak.
At the same time, however, I have this very strange feeling when I come back home at round 9pm and that's it - I've nothing else I should or must do. On the one hand, what an amazing thing- I get off work at 6-7pm and all the responsibilities for the day are done - no homework, no studying, no thesis to write (especially the last one seems to be the nightmare of virtually 80% of my friends at the moment). On the other, it's the first time in my Warsaw life ever, that I have just one thing to take care of (job). Normally, I always had a couple of different things - university, sports, dance, tutoring.. Now, even though I'm away from home for about 11-12 hours daily, I come back home and by the time the clock strikes 11pm it feels as if I've spent the whole day sitting there doing nothing. 

.     .     .     .     .

Have had a bit of a major mindset breakthrough last night. Remains to be seen if I decide to take that path or decide my old one was better. 

Oh, and yes - the sweater's doing great, thank you very much. I've finished the back part up to the point I have to have the front part and both sleeves ready, so I can start making the most important pattern on all of them at once, bringing them together to form what should look like a sweater. Hopefully. Soon-ish.

Also, somehow Christmas is not in my face yet, which I'm very happy about. Maybe it's because I don't go shopping and stay away from malls, but the only Xmas decoration I've seen so far was in Starbucks earlier this week. I hate being attacked by Xmas trees and Xmas bulbs too early - it totally kills any kind of a Christmas spirit. However, was most pleasantly surprised on my way back home tonight, when I smelled wood while entering the Old Town Square and then saw all the Xmas Market booths being brought in and positioned. Hating too much Xmas decoration too early, but can never get enough of Xmas markets! 
Oh, and especially the ones in Brussels and Aachen. Will get to experience the 1st one, the smells and tastes of the 2nd one will have to live on in my memories, I'm afraid.

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