Sunday, November 6, 2011

Workshops. Sexy?

Yesterday was d-day for the workshops I've been talking about recently.
Here a little clip with the routine I taught.

And now a question to the guys: would you call this sexy?
(any tips for future choreos most welcome ;)

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Jim said...

The whole trouble with defining 'sexy' is that it can't be defined. Another woman, as fit and young as you, could do the same dance and it wouldn't work on me. And it would work on another man (or a lesbian-inclined woman). And yours wouldn't. What your dance workshops could do is to make women feel happier and more self-confident about themselves - and we all know that there's nothing sexier than that.

Magu Bee said...

I see we're getting a bit philosophical here.

But if we take that approach, then I totally agree with what you wrote. And it is exactly what I tell the girls when we start the class - being sexy is feeling comfortable with ourselves, it's the attitude we put out there, the way we feel the music.
That's why I tell them I'll show some steps but they have to make the routine their own. If they don't feel comfortable doing something I do, I show them other things they might use. Also, I try to do as much warming up and trying out different moves as we can, I do not really care if they learn the whole choreography or not.

It is a bit unusal as far as dance classes go but it seems they enjoy themselves quite a lot and the feedback's been really positive so far.