Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Any guesses? ;)

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The company I work for has started a huge campaign today and this week's been quite busy. Actually, a lot busy - yesterday I was working almost non stop 9am - 11:20pm. At the office, on the tram back home, in my bed.. Today was just 9,5hrs at the office, so chill. Next week will probably be around 10hrs daily, although who knows?

I guess that's why I decided I'll have earned a short breather come December. A while back I had also promised myself I would get there before the end of this year - I want to meet some friends I haven't seen for ages, want to eat some food I've been craving for, want to go ice skating on my favourite ice rink.. Granted, I can't take too much leave but 4 days on the spot will be enough for me to enjoy what I've been missing so much. 

Oh, and I guess I'd better really enjoy it, as it will most probably be my last international trip in 2011. . Seems kinda unbelievable and a bit depressing but that's the life of a working gyal for ya!

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