Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another kick ass day

aka my life still kicks ass!

First, my early morning class got cancelled, which is great - it's faaar away and very few women come to take part in it (I'm hoping it's the time, not the instructor, that puts them off), so it's not that much fun to lead. I didn't sleep in, though - was up before 8am, as I was running at around 9am.

I've done much longer runs than today's (the longest and most satisfying till now was around 15km) but I think I'm getting a bit protective about my knees (about time, I hear my friends shout out...), so I tend to back off the moment the slightest pain arrives. Thus, didn't do all that much running.

However, after getting some km and sunbathing done (it's crazy how strong the sun is at 9:30am already!), I headed to a shopping mall to get the rest of necessary groceries for tonight - I was hosting a "When aunt's away, the girls will play" all girls culinary night in. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to prepare anything interesting and that what I'd prepare would, well, suck but I guess it wasn't all that bad... Was planning on doing: 1) sweet couscous with delicacies and slices of peach on top and 2)  broccoli with beshamel sauce. So what came out was1)  peaches stuffed with couscous+delicacies, served with a peachy white sprakilng wine with added peach pulp and 2) mashroom-broccoli-garlic cream soup with a touch of sour cream and fried sunflower+pumpkin seeds+white and black sesame, served with home made crusty toasts. Oh, and small canapes with 1) basil and olive pesto with sun dried tomato and 2) shelal cheese with a drop of honey. 

The girls brought some good good goodies as well - rice pasta with teriyaki marinated chicken+sesame (yummm!), home baked cookies, carrot cake, caprese salad, couscous+fudge+coconut (Brazilian inspired), avocado inspired dip with chips, ice cream that was served with a fresh strawberry topping...

But before all this madness started, I gave my first time ever reggaeton class. I was a bit anxious, seeing how I've never really done "pure" reggaeton, if such thing exists, and I prepared an easy choreo to one of my Zumba songs. I arrive at the shool and it turns out a) the receptionist doesn't know there was a change of teacher, b) apparently there were some levels during the class and it was supposed to be the highest. There goes my easy routine... But then I decided to do what I think I do best - teach how to move and listen to music, instead of how to memorize steps. And it seems the girls enjoyed it a lot - a couple of them came up to me afterwards to tell me how much they liked it and that it was a great class. We ended up doing no choreo at all but practicing different moves, shakes, pops etc. I have to admit I was improvising all the way and was surprised to see how many different ways of booty/chest shaking and popping I could think of. So I guess that's good news, right? 

Finished the reggaeton class and had literally 40 minutes at home to stuff the peaches and clean out the flat, change and run for my Zumba class. I love the group I have today! Had two subs with them previously and already after the first one they were asking if I could take over the group. I couldn't then but end of last week the school's manager contacted me to ask if I'd be interested in doing it regularly - hell yeah! Today I could see they were already a lot more comfortable with me and themselves (although they were a cool bunch to animate from class one). When I brought them the (good) news of my taking over they were very enthusiastic and, actually, happy! Such a great reaction to get when you tell a group you'll be teaching them. We basically burned it today and left the danceroom having problems breathing. The coolest thing was the fact that they finally started giving in to my madness, were singing along and so on. Great great energy I could feed on and give even more back.

I then had 20 minutes to go back home, shower, change and be ready before the guests arrive. I made it just in time - was putting the dress on when the first phone call came (the key pad dowstairs is broken, so every time another person joined someone had to run down the 4 flights of stairs to open the door). I loved the evening, but seeing how it was a Wednesday and the starting time was set at 9pm, we all felt kinda pressed with time, so somehow the flow of the meeting was a bit off, with every next dish being rushed out of the kitchen one after another, without enough time for its appreciation. And there was a lot to appreciate.

The meeting had no theme when I was creating it, but then, as I was taking the quickest shower in the history of time, I thought how great it was to have short hair to wash in such a situation. And so it was decided - it was the official farewell for my hair - RIP!

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