Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Logo and flyers needed

Yep, it's official - I signed a contract with an Academic Entrepreneurship Incubator (AIP SGH) and starting from yesterday, I've offcially a tiny part of their company to govern and lead away.

But now I need to decide on a final name, get a logo and start branding up...! Yay! :)

I have a couple of ideas but not sure yet what will come out of them. Logo-wise, I mean. Then again, business-wise as well!

*     *     *     *     *

Starting a new class today, in Salsa Factory - one of the salsa schools here in town. I'll be teaching there twice a week, Tue and Fri afternoon. Am excited to see what their groups are like and what energy we can build up together.

Wed and Fri I've my other two regular classes, in a joint called Energy Fitness Ursus, which is, unfortunately, quite a way from my place and has some financial practices regarding instructors I'm not all too happy about,  but let's see how things go.

At the same time am mosted excited about the individually organized classes I'll be giving, starting with the one on Bemowo next Mon, and then following with Bielany and ┼╗oliborz on the 21st and 22nd of May. I so hope I manage to gather up some fun groups! 

As for tomorrow, need to think of a routine for my Thu evening dance class

*     *     *     *     *

Now, time to get ready and go about putting up some posters, signing contracts with two schools I'm taking space from and well, design those flyers asap, as I still need to distribute them in local businesses. Have already done a round near the joint on Bemowo and business owners (hair salons, medical ones, some groceries, clothes stores) were kind enough to let me advertise through them. Hopefully it works out! 
Someone's got bills to pay and food to buy!...

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