Thursday, May 3, 2012

Just be over already, will ya?

Wow, this was one unlucky day.
You know how people always go about talking how Friday 13th means bad luck? Well, from now on May 2nd sure does!

*     *      *      *      *

Couldn't sleep well because I was worried I wasn't well prepared for my first Zumba class. I was waking up regularly from 2:30am (went to sleep at 1am) till 6:40am (overslept an alarm clock set at 5:30am to repeat the routines). I quickly got ready and set off to the far far away land called Ursus (a pretty outskirtish hood in Warsaw) and arrived there only to find out, from the very-much-surprised-to-see-me receptionist, that my class was cancelled.

Got back home and took a quick nap to compensate for the Zumba lack of sleep, got up and went through the routines again - was a sub in one of the fitness clubs in Mokotów (another hood) in the early evening. On my way there I broke one of my fav shoes (pretty green flower-shaped sandals I bought in India). I arrived at the club to find out I wouldn't be able to play my music, as they didn't have a cable I could connect to my computer with, nor a usb port. So I was left with 8 songs from the official Zumba CD and one routine (I was planning on using only the first song from the CD). But then nobody showed up, so I guess the problem was solved.

I later met with Olga for some chit chat and groceries (it's a national holiday tomorrow, so no stores open) but needed to take out cash, as the discount market I was going to doesn't take cards. We were talking vividly while I was putting in my pin code and making the transaction, so I didn't really read what the ATM was telling me. I started paying attention once there was no money coming out, even though I had already finished the operation and had my card back. At frist I thought the ATM decided to con me but then after actually reading what it said, I realised I was just introducing the wrong pin code. Or the wrong card, whichever you prefer. Doesn't change the fact that I did't remember this card's pin (I specifically changed cards before leaving home, so I would have the one I rememebered the pin to. yay me).

After finally getting back home for the night, I decided to cook rice for tomorrow's salad (I'm meeting some friends at one of Warsaw's beaches [yes, we have beaches in the city center - I know!], so if you're around and wanna join - shoot me an email! ), as to save time tomorrow - I wanted to add long grain rice, which usually takes ages to get ready. I have a meeting early in the morning and no idea when I'll be back. The BBQ brunch starts at 1pm, so I didn't want to have to waste an hour waiting for the rice. So, I put it on and came online to pay for another Zumba training and somehow got so distracted by the Internets, the rice managed to turn black and smelly. I don't think anyone'd appreciate it in that salad any more.

*     *     *     *      *

Ok, it's 0:10am, May 3rd.
I'm not unlucky any more! 
Well then, time to get some sleep.

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