Monday, September 24, 2012

Norwegian birthday weekend officially over

Unfortunately, time to go back home today!

I must admit that we didn't really get to see that much over the weekend (apart from two kitchens and two living rooms, that we saw a ton of!), but it's not like Oslo's one of those heavily interesting places sight-seeing wise. To tell you the truth, I wouldn't call it heavily interesting any-wise.

*      *       *       *       *

Yet again, CS turned out to be humankind's most awsome invention when it comes to individual travel. Actually, group travel as well - 5 already constitutes a group, right?
We had a most charming CSer help us out on the spot and the sweetest host (who's not even a CS host, mind you) we could imagine, which got us all very relaxed and well, kind of lazy when it come to leaving the house.

*      *       *       *       *

We managed to have some highlights, and those - for me - included:

- buying a 6pack of beer at the airport for 55 NOK and later seeing that the price of that same beer (in the amount of 1) sold for 62 NOK;
- going to a take away burger joint where a burger would be twice as expensive as a whole burger menu in a restaurant in Warsaw;
- dancing with the dance-moves-infected En in a pub where all the Norwegians looked as if they wanted to put us in a room (a white room) (a room with cushioned walls and without doorknobs);
- a kick ass birthday pancake breakfast;
- cheering for the Norwegians finishing the annual Oslo Marathon (and almost starting to cry when I found out there was one - my goal for this year was to take part in a half marathon but I couldn't find any in a suitable date before I leave for the States, so I decided to move that goal for the next year. Turns out I could have done it during a trip. On my birthday. With the Vikings. I don't think it gets better than that...);
- cooking the most delicious birthday dinner with two other Poles, an Australian, a Lithuanian and a Romanian (ha, I bet you didn't know Norway is so multicultural, did you?). Getting the maximum taste after having stuffed our faces with leniwe in a creamy garlic broccoli sauce, mushroom and cod fish risotto followed by home made chocolate cupcakes mixed with caramel ice-cream. I don't remember the last time I had so many food babies;
- a pancake carnage of a Sunday breakfast - eating so many melted chocolate & banana pancakes sprinkled with the best halva since my Belgian days that I had to skip lunch and dinner, because I wouldn't feel any hunger;
- going mushroom hunting in a wood surrounding a beautifully set lake on the outskirts of Oslo and realizing there were no mushrooms to hunt;
- doing a 40 minute jog back home and finally beginning to digest breakfast (breakfast - 11 am, jog - 6:30 pm);
- dancing on a stage behind a crazy blues band at Oslo's most talked about Sunday night venue - Bla.

Not too bad, me thinks!

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