Thursday, July 14, 2011

Key to my (future) success

Patience. Patience, my girl.

Seriously, why am I always so restless? 
Why do I feel like I have to do and have everything here and now?

A bit of patience is what could take me to a whole different level. It's what will take me there, unless I never learn it. So I'd better start the learning process!

.     .      .       .       .

The last couple of days have been rather lazy, although some advancement has been made.

For one, my friend got me a new student and although it might not be a fortune, I'll be making a bit of money till the end of next week. Which is great, as Iceland's approaching and so is the terror in my eyes and in my wallet. Every penny counts.
(and I was so sure I wouldn't be teaching English in the nearest future.. Funny thing is, I've realised how much I missed it!)

Secondly, went to another meeting with my column's editor, might be getting some more responsibilities in the fall, which would be cool. A nice title would go with it, although not too much remuneration. However, could use the position as a means of meeting some potentially cool (and business wise "useful") people. So I guess we keep our fingers crossed.

Also, two days ago I kinda appointed myself as a contact person for publishing houses and will be approaching them to cooperate with us. The idea hit me when I restarted reading "Maximum City" by Suketu Mehta - a book that got into my hands while I was still in Bombay and that I absolutely adored reading but didn't have the time to finish (I would always be reading a couple of pages while waiting for S to show up [late, of course], so we could go to the cinema). I stumbled across its Polish translation just two days ago. It came out quite recently and the job was done by a rather small publishing house, so I figured they'd like some help promoting it. Especially that the book's very famous abroad and amongst Indians themselves, not so much over here. Got a green light to contact them on behalf of the portal and did so today. They really liked the idea and we're to pin down the details next week. Yay! 
Sooo planning to get more books for our FB contests!

Next, finally got an interview secured! 
It's on Monday evening with a Vietnamese lady who's been doing a hell of a job fighting for her people's rights, those living both back home and in Poland. She's quite a persona, so am a bit apprehensive - after all it'll be my first interview ever..!
A second one, with an Indian friend and a restaurant owner, will hopefully follow on Wednesday.

Also, yesterday discussed my Indonesian trip's itinerary with the travel agency's bosses and they really seemed to like it. We went over it in detail and today they'll see whether or not all's doable when it comes to the flight connections. If so, then we analyze the financial side of it, put a price tag on it and they'll already start advertising it.. as a Magu Bee's Trip!

.     .      .       .       .

In the meantime, one of the stories in Polish is ready, with pictures in a .pdf and all, although not edited yet. Some others have been started but somehow my mind finds it a bit hard to write in Polish, so my heart finds it a bit hard to commit to it. However, in Roskilde I got my first ever Tarot reading (never really believed in any of such things) and it was to answer my doubts about the success of my new project. Apparently, the cards were very hopeful and optimistic. So am I.

In the morning I found out about a travel writing contest and am thinking about entering the 'ready' story. It'll need rewriting to a certain extent and adding more details (now it's a rather light humorous piece, I'd try to add a more descriptive and short-novel-like element to it) but there's still time, so why not take a shot at it? The winning stories will be put together and published as a book!

In the evening finally met with M who came back from her year in Indonesia, at last! Was sooo happy to see her and feel so proud of her - she looks amazing! Has also changed quite a bit, gained a lot of  life experience, which is worth all the money in the world. So so happy to have her back.

.     .      .       .       .

Damn', it's already so late? Nooooooo-oooo. 
Forgot to mention, I'm off to Berlin* tomorrow. As I've got classes in the morning and will be hitching straight afterwards, and the bag's still unpacked, breakfast uncooked and the flat untidy, it means I've gotta get up at 6am.
G'nite folks!

*Going for the weekend and hoping to get there safe and sound - will be hitch hiking alone for the first time eva. After last week's events might not seem like a grant idea but what can I do..

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