Thursday, July 28, 2011

Win some, loose some

Apparently you cannot always have things go your way.

After a couple of days of pondering I decided there was nothing more to ponder about - just gotta go and buy the damn' shoes. Jim accompanied me to Podróżnik store where I left some green ones. I tried the shoes on and one of the store assistants took it to the counter as I was choosing another pair of socks (this time Expander Light Trek). I come up to pay and a different guy asks me: Can I help you? My first answer's: No, thanks. I just wanna pay. After a couple of seconds though I add: Well, actually - you could give me a discount! The guy kinda smiles and walks away, as another store assistant enters my purchase into their system. She asks me about the membership card but I don't have one yet. I ask if I can first pay for the socks and later get the shoes with the discount already ( ;) ). Well, you can get a card only with a purchase of 300 zl, answers the girl. Too bad, I think to myself and smile to the girl, while I start counting the money. She tells me how much I am to pay, I hand over the cash and suddenly realise something's off.  

Umm, how much is it again? 611,74 zl. Oh, so there is a discount after all? I ask surprised (the shoes alone are 619 zl). Umm.. no... looking up and glancing at the other employees with a bit of a conspiration in her smile. So I smile the same way, say: Thanks so much!, wish her a good day and walk out laughing. After all, she just gave me free socks and some change for a very good mocha I drink over an interesting conversation at Cafe Charlie (btw - Warsawers - a very cosy cafe worth visiting just next to Narutowicza square). 

My new and old trekking gear :)

So that was the win some part.

.       .       .        .         .

Now more of a loose some.

Was about to get my Carcassonne flight when I decided to check if every country had the same price (it's not uncommon to have quite some differences). It seemed the same in € and ₤, so I wanted to go back to the Polish version of the site and couldn't do it. Got myself the ticket in ₤ and that was it.
Till today I managed to get on the Polish Ryanair (was checking some other flights) and saw that if I buy the ticket through here. it would be 12 €. I paid 22.99 ₤.
So there you are, I so overpaid. 

No free socks nor free coffee for me.

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