Friday, July 22, 2011

A daddy's bee

Yesterday, I went to pick my father up from the airport. 

We come back home, he unzips the suitcase and says: "I probably shouldn't have bought it and don't really know why I did, to be honest. But here you are", to later give me 3 objects wrapped in newspaper. I can't figure out what it might be by the seize or weight of it, so I quickly open the packages and crack up immediately. 

Inside, a bee family awaits me:

I think one's nickname/ online persona is pretty much official once one's parents acknowledge it, don't you? :)

2 komentarze:

mwd said...

Shall we call you „マグビイ” from now on? :) Word of warning — nicknames can be sometimes a big P.I.T.A.

Magu Bee said...

A lot of my friends have been calling me マグ for a long time.

Now it varies, going from normal 'Magda'or 'Madzia', through 'Magu', 'Pszczolka', to 'Magu Bee'.

Take your pick or create a new one ;)