Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Operation 'Summery South of France'

You've heard of the 'Summer in Iceland' operation, right? Have been mentioning in and out for a couple of months.

However, what you haven't heard of, as the first seed for the plant that is called another trip came to life on the weekend (yes, it's been on my mind in different forms ever since I got myself the Iceland flight, but nothing was close to serious), is the 'Summery South of France' operation!

So, without further introduction - I'm finally gonna spend some time in Montpellier and Marseille!

After coming back from Iceland I'll have a full day to get from Gatwick to Stansted. Am thinking about trying to hitch to Cambridge, seeing the place, staying overnight and then the next morning hitching/taking the coach to Stansted (only about 45mins by NationalExpress). Somewhere around the 29th/30th I'll meet with Paula and we'll finally get the chance to travel together and catch up after a year! The way I see it - we rent bikes (rental/maybe some friendly CSers) and explore the coast with baskets full of freshly made delicious baguettes, mouthwatering cheese and a bottle of wine, while looking more than classy in our summery flowery dresses and straw hats (regardless of the fact that I'll only have trekking gear with me, so no summer and no flowers).

Last time, my 'Spring in Spain' operation turned into 'Spring in Andalucia', as I stayed behind in the south and didn't reach Barcelona (nor France, which was part of the concept at the very beginning). Well, that's about to change! Montpellier is only 350 km away, so it would be a waste not to hit Catalunia! Plus, the fact that those were the cheapest seats we could find to either Germany or Poland helps a lot :)

So actually, the 'Summery South of France' operation will be a south of France+(Andora?)+north of Spain+east of Germany kinda thingy. 

Can I have an A M E N?

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