Thursday, July 21, 2011

They don't come fresher than that!

Yup, am a freshman again! 

Applied for Warsaw Uni and got accepted. 

Don't get me wrong, though - I do not wish to study. I wish to have the magical student status, along with the discounts and health insurance that go with it. At first I was thinking about getting into uni and showing up only the 1st week (to get the beloved green piece of plastic, i.e. student ID card) but later changed my tactics. Seeing how I will most probably be staying in Warsaw for 4 months come October, I decided a government-sponsored language course (i.e. studies) might not be such a bad idea. The question was where to apply and I'd narrowed the pool of faculties to Indian, Arabic and Russian studies. 

Indian - I so want to speak Hindi. 
Arabic - it's so useful and in demand right now. 
Russian - used to take it in high school, lots of Russians everywhere, easy 'nuff to learn for a Pole. 

My heart was with Indian studies but I knew a) anyone you'd be looking at job-wise will be doing business in English b) not a chance to aquire the language well enough in 4 months to be able to do anything with it. Arabic - take point b) and multiply by.. well, a lot. 

Thus, I have to refresh my cyrillic.

6 komentarze:

Jim said...

Давай, модолец! ;)

M said...

haraszo. One russian mystery to solve - what's "ustala ulitka" [fonetic, that's fonetic mate:)].

Magu Bee said...

M - rotfl.

Would it be something like "The snail got tired" ? ;)

M said...

good job!

Clarice Starling said...

If you learn Russian for sure you will have a job in Spain, at least in tourism and stuff!

Magu Bee said...

Maria, aren't the other 5 languages enough? :P